A bridge design charette that thinks
outside the box (truss).


Many cities around the world view bridge-building as heroic acts of city-building. Scores of pedestrian bridges have been blessed with extraordinary design and aspire to being much more than simply providing passage from A to B.... they have become destinations themselves. These iconic structures are symbols of an urban maturity that values design matters.

Toronto has built one "landmark gateway" for pedestrians and cyclists, the Montgomery & Sisam-designed arched bridge over the Humber River (see RESOURCES).... and now a highly-visible opportunity exists to build another extraordinary gateway for pedestrians and cyclists, this time over the yawning rail corridor, providing a critical link from Front Street to Cityplace, the 3 hectare public park now under construction and the waterfront beyond.

This opportunity is about to be wasted and we may well be saddled with a truly pedestrian bridge. Current plans involve plunking down yet another forgettable box truss bridge along with a vague promise to tart it up with the help of local artisans.

UrbanToronto believes it’s time to think outside the box truss, and you are invited to join the charette to draw, design, comment and critique. Your participation just might help derail the existing plan for such a pedestrian pedestrian addition to Toronto’s public realm. Click on SUBMIT A DESIGN to read the charette guidelines and check out RESOURCES for photos of the site that you can use for your submission and links to case studies from around the world.

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